Where is the love?

Did light lose the fight and flee,

And our sight we in three,

Appoint our vision to division,

Divide our eyes to see without inhibition,

The thigh that brings a high,

The lust that imprisons in thirst,

Does love truly dwell in such a lie?


When lives are snuffed out,

When children’s’ cried are hushed out,

When there is more to crush and destroy,

Than there is to mush and employ

To one’s heart,

Is love surely present,

When all we have is our hearts

And we hesitate?

Does love really dwell in such a mess?


Is love so abstract

That it cannot distract?

So aloof

To elate that special person’s feelings through the roof?


Says the heart,

It cannot be! Says the mind,

We need it says the individual,

We are broken says humanity,

Let me in, says love

How can you go on without me?


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