[Intro: Marz]
You can’t contain this energy
Follow me as we torch the sky

[Verse 1: Fern]
I flipped the tradition
The way I was living was different than what my family had envisioned

I went through a time that I brought on myself
Would’ve been better if I had just listened
But, I was focused on living the life with
No ambitions I thought was right
I would stay up at night baggin’ the white
Dollars was stacking up high

This was the way I got by in a season hotter than July
What you expect from your guy
With a social by close to your pan of supply
For life, we are in it right ’till we die
Misfits everywhere, rejects multiply
Leave all the mess to the side
Cause when we ride we are not letting it slide
I put that on where I reside
This is that moment in time
You realize that this is your time, the grind
Lined up with the goodness of God
And the world can’t stop what we’ve brought
Recollect everything I’ve been taught
Spitting that raw, my writtens deserve an award
Oh Lord got Marz on board
Uh, and the flow not regular
I burn bright like my iPhone cellular

[Hook: Marz]
I’m not who I was bred to be
There’s a wild fire in me
Like a roaring rocket
Faster than the speed of sound
You can’t contain this energy
Shattered images of all that you believe
Follow me as we torch the sky
Burn bright, all through the night
We’re burning bright, all through the night
Burn bright, through the night
We’re burning bright, all through the night

[Verse 2: Marty]
It’s the life we chose, or the life chose me
And I might go ghost, but I’m not gon’ sleep
And we all gon’ eat, that’s what I told my team
And we put God first, put that over everything
I got everything that I wanted, nothing in my life that I need
Imma always keep it 100, that’s the way that Imma always be
My old friends still gettin’ faded
Loved too quick I should’ve waited
Turned from lover into a hater
That’s the way you know made it
Rap game, Danny Tanner
I got no help, did it independent

Religious people always get offended, cause the tattoos the way that we living
That’s just how we do it, broke out the system of normal living
Got a gang of misfits
And everybody here, nobody missing
Own the streets and we run the city dog





[Intro: SPZRKT]
Look for the stars
Look for the roaming crowd
And I will not be there

Look for the roses
They love me, they didn’t
And I’m still a misfit

[Bridge: Andy Mineo]
Come together like a hundred different strands
Wanna make God laugh well just tell Him your plans

[Hook: Andy Mineo]
Oooh! That’s right (that’s right)
My life sorta like a Coogi sweater
Oooh! That’s right
My life like a Coogi Sweater

[Verse 1: Marty]
Started rapping with my boys as a hobby
Driving to the mall freestyling in a car seat

Homie, I never ever thought that I’d be here
Went from sitting all alone to a beach chair
Homie, what I look like tryna get approval
All these funny looking rappers in their cool clothes
Independent rappers touring off of TuneCore
And I’ll be repping Misfit Gang to my funeral
This is how it goes and I know it’s so beautiful
Cause to be doing what I’m doing it’s unusual
And if I didn’t mention God I’d be stupid though
(Cause, literally, he’s amazing so… uuh)

This is how I’m living tryna finish up an album
Gotta hustle everyday never had a how come
Two years before they were asking were you found em’
I feel like Wu-Tang, ’93 Shaolin
I just wanna live young, party with my misfits
Always was a stand out never tried to fit in
And I’m a do me, I never try to give in
Everybody got a co-sign, we’re the ones who didn’t homie


[Verse 2: Andy Mineo]
Fernie shot a text with the dragon face (ERR!)
So I hit him with the whales

Me and my lady doing real good
Young boy bout to take a trip to Zales, that’s trill!

Never ever thought that I would settle down
Every other city I was running round, shutting down stages
Places and states with amazing ladies
But after all that I found my favorite

White boy with the black gauges
Growing up I didn’t have belts I had laces
Mamma working overnight never did the day shift, bat life
Now I live the rap life, how the heck he made it?
Aw! Scratching on their head like they had lice

Now I gotta catch the last flight
Cause I got church in the AM, preach!

Call me Uncle Drew they don’t know who they playing with boy
There’s levels to this weird, levels to this beard
Rappers I grew up on now on levels with my peers
I’m down at the piers, pan sear the Ahi
Coogi sweater it was knitted by the Aussies


[Verse 3: F.E.R.N]
From my cousin pop lock with the L this your song
Singing from the yard ‘cuz it’s so strong
Street life met me at like 16
Lil jit stunting on them bikes having big dreams
18 painting pictures like Sistines
99′ had the double din big screen
For two years drove my Honda round the big tree
2005 signed to Sony rocking this scheme
And time flies seen ’em throw it at me
I’m a G did mine with the Lord beside me
The whole time I was there they hadn’t tried me
Respect goes a long way, I noticed that actually
And now back to the streets
They still playing keeps, y’all still staying asleep
When the enemy’s out there devouring the weak
And you worry ’bout your petty little salary this week
You see, they got you thinking bout the wrong thing

Promoting real heavy like Don King
And this is that flow y’all been waiting for
So listen to the words that the song sings


[Outro: Marty]
Ay yo, um, catch me in Washington Heights
Not speaking English