Hey everyone, how are you all? I am so happy to be back here. I just hope that for those of you who’ve been following me, will take the time to forgive my absence. I have been trying to re-adjust to school life and I am so glad that I can now use this blog to impact, challenge and motivate my followers. Please do not feel left out or neglected, I am back and I’m here to be that blessing to many who read my posts. Remember, feel free to hit me up so that we could share and discuss these issues at a personal level. Love you all!

Now, here we are, Kenya is celebrating yet another Mashujaa Day. The air is filled with excitement as every citizen of Kenya rejoices in the fact they are still an independent country thanks to its heroes. These heroes are what are known in Swahili as “Mashujaa”. These are the men and women who fought for the country’s independence from the British colonial rule…every one of these men and women are revered for their roles in the struggle.

The country’s heroes suffered greatly. Not only were our country’s beloved heroes beaten up, flogged, thrown in prison and persecuted, they endured! Give them credit where it is due, they never backed down even opting to lose their lives rather than live under oppression. And whether or not the country today realizes this, these great men and women defined the nature of Kenyan pride, philosophy and identity. We are undivided. We are one! We refuse to live under the yoke of oppression even that which originates from our own people. This very point, the church in Kenya understood.

In the second stage of gaining Kenya’s freedom, key church leaders stepped up to challenge unjust systems in the country’s governance. Not only did they rise up to speak, they, like the Heroes before, made a scene about it and suffered greatly for it. They did not relent, but they stood for one truth: The Gospel’s message was freedom from sin and injustice and the mere existence of the church in the country ought to reflect that fact. How incredible?

Here were a class of senior, revered ministers of the Gospel who did not esteem their positions higher than their true callings as followers of Jesus but let themselves suffer for the rest of the country to experience true freedom. It is no small feat to achieve such a treasured thing as freedom, but it is sad when the heart and values of those before are not seen to trickle down into today’s crop of leaders and ministers. But let it be said now, There is hope and someone reading this might agree and find him/herself to be that hero that the Kenya today needs.

The struggle is still not over until we are truly one in heart, mind, agenda and identity.





Oh yes
Lord I surrender
Though it hurts sometimes
Oh yes I surrender

[Verse 1: Sevin]
My poppa was a preacher but his poppa was absentee
He did the best he could
To keep his son from living fast and free
Religious rules and Christian schools
The other children laughed at me
Plus we never had much green so I never did dress fashionably
Everybody wore the same ol’ smile
But it was just a mask to me
I saw through the hypocrisy
When the pastor made a pass at me
That basterd had a class of us
He kept asking us to do nasty things
To the point I have the baddest dreams of…
Savage things attacking me
We moved away but you could say
The tragedy had a lasting reach
Blocked out any memory
Still can’t stand to hear no pastor preach
By now I’m about eleven
And I’ve learned life comes with hazards B
Sometimes I just break out in tears
A dark cloud seems to pass through me
My best friend was my blood brother
And at thirteen he died tragically
And after he passed in that car crash
I wished that that was me
I had a heart but life ripped that apart and gave me apathy
I felt God did not look after me
All I have for Him is blasphemy

[Chorus: Sevin]
The rain falls on us all
The good and the bad
Same thing that’ll make you laugh
One day well it’s gone make you sad
And now I see
I gotta walk by faith and never walk by sight no
I don’t understand Your ways
But I know you’re always right
And I surrender
I surrender
I surrender
Although it hurts sometimes

[Verse 2: Sevin]
Aye I went from good kid to a hood kid
Seemed like the change came overnight
Life cloaked him with a heart that’s frozen
Rollin’ on a stolen bike
Smoking like a chimney
With a semi sitting in that holster tight
And every other word was blood
No love for who we ‘posed to fight
Went from praying prayers like
“Lord I love You I’ll keep you close, aight?”
To “I don’t know if You even there
Just help me not get smoked tonight”
So enticed by the thought of being loved
I’d pay the coldest price
I done sat inside a cell for niggas
Who has never even thrown the kite
Rebellin’ against the God I hate
I blamed Him for my loaded life
What made it worse I played with curses
Even though I know what’s right
I used to ask church folk why life’s so hard
But I got no advice
Or they’d just relay a bunch of clichés that don’t suffice
Depressed and half psychotic
Narcotics are my chosen vice
Consumed with idols
Suicidal by eighteen I tried more than twice
Married to this selfish pride
I seen the devil throw the rice
And every day I dwell inside this hell he tells me roll the dice

[Chorus: Sevin]
I said the rain falls on us all
Said the good and the bad
Same thing that’ll make you laugh
Today well ya know it’ll make you sad
And now I see
I gotta walk by faith and not by sight
I don’t understand Your ways and oh Lord
But I know you’re always right
And I surrender
I surrender
I surrender
Although it hurts sometimes

[Verse 3: Sevin]
So bitter and so broken my soul’s soaking in misery
With no hope for the future though
Cuz I’m so focused on history
Till one day someone cared enough
To share just what You did for me
I can quickly see how differently you act
From the Christians I’m witnessing
You lived this thing called love
While all of us are just so nitpicky
You are righteousness You gave Your life for us… literally
The thought that You’re the one I hated sickens me
It’s a trip to me how quickly we fall into iniquity
Even though I acted wickedly
You still chose to sit with me
I’m the worst one on the court Lord
But yet You still keep picking me
And now it comes so vividly
Clear that every test and every trial
Was predestined and the outcome was Your victory

{Chorus: Sevin]
I said the rain fall yes it does
On the good and the bad oh Lord
Same thing that’ll make us laugh
One day is gonna make us sad
And now I see by your grace
I gotta walk by faith and not by sight
Yeah I know I’ll never understand Your ways Lord
But I know you’re always right
And I surrender
I surrender
I surrender
Ohhhh yes