“Adam, where are you?”

-God to Adam


I have no idea how this topic came to me, but ever since it dropped on my lap I have had this pressing feeling that I have got to do something about it. What is that something, you ask? Blog it, of course! Ha ha. I think every blogger out there appreciates the thrill of sharing from their various fields of interest as they provide insights that were never before witnessed and/or shared by others. To all my fellow bloggers out there, I salute you and appreciate you for the work you do, keep the fire burning. For it was because of you that I gained interest in this art and for that I remain forever grateful.

So, down to the subject of interest, the creation of man in God’s image as the ultimate objective of our existence. What I love about this post today is its uniqueness as it is both the example and the hope of mankind. Our starting point on this subject? God’s question to Adam. When the the first couple experienced the effects of the catastrophe that was the¬†identity changing Fall, they were not prepared for what came next. “Adam, where are you?” Are the first words that the first man heard from God after eating from the tree of good and evil. These words were timely as they were a reflection of concern; they were not words that came from God immediately after the disobedient act of the couple, but rather, later on.

What could Adam have been thinking at this point, as he was being sought after? “Oh no, I’m a goner. That does it, Eve, we are through; we had this coming…”, he, together with Eve probably riddled themselves with guilt to a standstill, with the guilt eating into their conscience. But what’s more peculiar about this is that, although we tend to ask why we as people are in trouble over an issue in life, we often look at the one who confronts us rather than look introspectively at ourselves. If we take the latter option we find that we gain more of our personal identity and character and we actually do become better people in the long-run, an option that the first couple did not consider.

Here’s where I wanted to take this discussion for today; whereas the story of Adam and Eve has been one of the most debated narratives of all time, it offers profound insight into the first sign of our loss as human beings. This loss being the very first sign of the shortcomings¬†of our new identity, person and being. No wonder the name of God, I Am, is of such significant value when it comes to cracking the message of the Bible especially as far as humanity finding its being is concerned.

Although we are at present imperfect, we should be able to understand imperfection as a gift of mortality. We do not live forever, but we can’t surely conclude that it’s Y.O.L.O. either (catchy as the slogan might be). We are limited, we have various flaws and imperfections but we are not hopeless, neither are we useless. We are each of us one of a kind with a journey ahead of us. I’d like to propose that the fullness of this being that was once lost has been regained and that it is attainable today-and right now. God wasn’t concerned about destroying Adam, because as the texts show us, he was looking for him. He wanted to restore him and not merely finish him off.

His mercy is amazing and his greatest desire is that we rest in him in the midst of our failures and crowning achievements. Because, at the end of it all, what defines is not the material but the immaterial. And so begins the search for human beauty, the restoration of being to humanity; filled with purpose, drive, enthusiasm, joy, wholeness, love and peace.

May we truly unlock our potential in His name.





[Intro: Marz]
You can’t contain this energy
Follow me as we torch the sky

[Verse 1: Fern]
I flipped the tradition
The way I was living was different than what my family had envisioned

I went through a time that I brought on myself
Would’ve been better if I had just listened
But, I was focused on living the life with
No ambitions I thought was right
I would stay up at night baggin’ the white
Dollars was stacking up high

This was the way I got by in a season hotter than July
What you expect from your guy
With a social by close to your pan of supply
For life, we are in it right ’till we die
Misfits everywhere, rejects multiply
Leave all the mess to the side
Cause when we ride we are not letting it slide
I put that on where I reside
This is that moment in time
You realize that this is your time, the grind
Lined up with the goodness of God
And the world can’t stop what we’ve brought
Recollect everything I’ve been taught
Spitting that raw, my writtens deserve an award
Oh Lord got Marz on board
Uh, and the flow not regular
I burn bright like my iPhone cellular

[Hook: Marz]
I’m not who I was bred to be
There’s a wild fire in me
Like a roaring rocket
Faster than the speed of sound
You can’t contain this energy
Shattered images of all that you believe
Follow me as we torch the sky
Burn bright, all through the night
We’re burning bright, all through the night
Burn bright, through the night
We’re burning bright, all through the night

[Verse 2: Marty]
It’s the life we chose, or the life chose me
And I might go ghost, but I’m not gon’ sleep
And we all gon’ eat, that’s what I told my team
And we put God first, put that over everything
I got everything that I wanted, nothing in my life that I need
Imma always keep it 100, that’s the way that Imma always be
My old friends still gettin’ faded
Loved too quick I should’ve waited
Turned from lover into a hater
That’s the way you know made it
Rap game, Danny Tanner
I got no help, did it independent

Religious people always get offended, cause the tattoos the way that we living
That’s just how we do it, broke out the system of normal living
Got a gang of misfits
And everybody here, nobody missing
Own the streets and we run the city dog




“I desire that they might be one…”

-Jesus Christ’s final prayer


I have to come clean guys, I love food! Not a day goes by when I haven’t either googled, cooked or searched for some recipe online or on T.V. Although I have a fine appreciation for food and the culinary arts, I haven’t encountered many who have done an article on food. I am also a native African, and I can tell you, food is a part of the African culture and it speaks in volumes what a few words and statements cannot.

An invite to an African home is directly co-related with a family’s kindly gesture of invitation to dine with that very family. It is odd though that this warmth is what got lost over time and distanced Christians and Jews in the early church period. For although there were differences, there was fellowship and room was created to share each other’s beliefs regarding Jesus of Nazareth. And I think most of you who do host or have taken part in hosting will agree, it makes an incredible difference when sharing and discussing ideals/theologies/worldviews over a meal.

Why there is no discussion going on about this matter, I will never know. But this post has come to be because of my close friend and colleague Seblewongel M. Wolde from Ethiopia who is very much into food as she is into theology and people, so I owe this one to her. Thanks Seble! Looking at symbols and gestures of hospitality in the Judeo-Christian Scriptures, I notice an odd trend: Those who shared exercised something that the rest of society wasn’t willing to; they also demonstrated another way when the culture didn’t seem to offer any good alternative views and they also showed beyond a shadow of doubt that humanity is redeemable.

As odd as it sounds, yes, sharing and not merely giving food show more than just pity. They show LOVE, compassion, unity and equality. This is what the setting was of the first church; slaves sat with nobles, farmers dined with officials, Christ dined with all. He was seen and witnessed as being alive in their midst. And that is what culinary theology does, it blends together as the spices and condiments do to the food materials and one incredible taste is made.