“Black X6, Phantom
White X6 look like a panda”


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Hey guys, it’s been a while since I’ve done some commentary on contemporary music. Today, I had ‘Panda’ on my mind. It’s highly probable that you’ve heard this song by now and that it has peaked your attention somewhat. Odd as it might be, the song was actually performed by a youth in his early 20s. Desiigner, his stagename is a twist on the word designer–a message that he is trying to communicate to fans through his lyrical art. If this is a thought that seems far-fetched, let’s remember that he is the same one who just linked a white X6 to pandas.

In his interest, it seems to be the case that Desiigner likes if not loves quality and class. He also is keen to point out that he is not small, no matter what one might make of him especially because of his youth. He does deserve his respect for working hard at making sure he has what he likes. As the song goes…”I got broads in Atlanta, Twistin’ dope, lean, and the Fanta, Credit cards and the scammers, Hittin’ off licks in the bando, Black X6, Phantom, White X6 look like a panda, Goin’ out like I’m Montana, Hundred killas, hundred hammers, Black X6, Phantom, White X6, panda, Pockets swole, Danny
Sellin’ bar, candy, Man I’m the macho like Randy, The choppa go Oscar for Grammy, B**** nigga pull up ya panty, Hope you killas understand me”.

Now, here’s my take on the song; it seems that the song right off the bat is intended to be a statement. This statement in my opinion is the thrust of the song. Anyone who has listened to the beats as well as watched the video knows that by now the song has a point it’s trying to make. As a kid from Brooklyn, he isn’t pulling any punches as is clearly visible in the song. We see that Panda isn’t just an allusion made to the car (i.e. the White X6) in the music video but to the effort behind obtaining the ‘broads, cars and of course a name’. Panda on that note is an allusion not just to the X6 but Desiigner’s hustle to getting the life he desires.

In a way, the term ‘panda’ has a positive angle to it. There’s actually something a peer to some of us is trying to say. Knowing Desiigner’s background, that’s an encouragement; knowing the kids who grew up in fairly well-to-do homes, that’s a challenge and to those of us without aspirations, it’s a call to wake up in our youth to desire to do something with our lives. To fellow believers in Jesus Christ, Panda is hard to compare to the Lion and Lamb that our Master is but it does give us a starting point when speaking to fellow youth. We can actually connect with the youth by encouraging them to make something of their lives and show them how Christ actually desires that of them.

We can actually show them that we can step up the definition of Panda and make their pursuits not about worldly pursuits but eternal. This means that instead of wanting to obtain worldly goods, they can pursue making a difference in the world through their callings. This is the guiding point on topics like this. To Desiigner, you have a church background, never forget it and never forget to help them and the others who are behind you, looking up to you. They love you, they’ll always truly love you.